Provided by: eso-midas_17.02pl1.2-2build1_amd64 bug


       inmidas - MIDAS start-up procedure for users.


       inmidas [ unit ] [ -h midashome ] [ -r midvers ]
       [ -d display ] [ -m mid_work ] [ -p/-P/-nop ] [ -noh ]
       [ -j midas-command-line ] [ -help ]


       inmidas starts a new MIDAS session.

       Without  arguments,  inmidas  initiates a MIDAS session with default definitions.  Some of
       these definitions can be modified with arguments in the command  line  of  inmidas  or  by
       environment  variables.  Arguments  in  the  command  line  are  taken  with preference to
       environment variables.


       inmidas has been configured by the operator at installation time to  start  a  release  of
       MIDAS  located  in  $MIDASHOME0/$MIDVERS0  (defined  internally  in  the script).  However
       alternative releases can be specified using the:

       -h midashome
              Home directory for MIDAS. Absolute pathname containing, at least,  one  release  of
              MIDAS. It may also contain subdirectories for demo and calibration data.

       -r midvers
              Release of MIDAS to be executed. It must be a subdirectory under midashome.

       -d display
              Specifies  another  X server for the display and graphical MIDAS windows ( NOTE: be
              aware of allowed access to a remote X server using the xhost(1) command.)

              Options -p and -P set the MIDAS environment variable MIDOPTION  to  PARALLEL  while
              option  -nop  sets  it to NOPARALLEL (default: NOPARALLEL).  In NOPARALLEL mode all
              intermediate MIDAS working files in the MIDAS startup directory  are  deleted  when
              starting  MIDAS  via  inmidas.  In PARALLEL mode no intermediate files are deleted,
              and this is  necessary  to  run  several  MIDAS  sessions  with  the  same  startup
              directory.   With  -P  option  and  if  not  unit  is  given the system will select
              automatically one free unit for you. With -p option and no unit , the user will  be
              requested to enter one.

       unit   Unit to be associated to the MIDAS session (default: 00 only if MIDAS is working in
              NOPARALLEL mode). Valid values for this option are in the range (00, 01,  ...,  99,
              xa,  ...,  zz)  where  numerical values indicates that the user is working on a X11
              environment (DISPLAY environment or argument -d should  be  given),  and  the  rest
              indicates an ASCII or graphical terminals others than X11.

       -m mid_work
              Specifies  the  MIDAS startup directory (default: $HOME/midwork). MIDAS will create
              this directory if it does not exist and writes in there  temporary  files  used  by
              MIDAS (e.g.: FORGRnn.LOG that logs the MIDAS session). It is also the directory for
              automatic start procedures like the "login.prg" file and for the ""  file
              containing particular MIDAS device-names defined by users.  At the end of the MIDAS
              session inmidas will saved the MIDAS session in  a  hidden  file  located  in  this
              directory.  This file will be then used later by the gomidas command to resume this
              MIDAS session where it exited.

       -noh   Starts MIDAS without clearing the terminal and without any welcome message.

       -j midas command line
              midas-command-line will be executed in MIDAS as if it were the first  command  line
              typed  in  the  MIDAS  monitor.  This  option  sets also -noh option.  NOTE: midas-
              command-line should be typed between single quotes to be interpreted by inmidas  as
              a single argument and to be passed to the MIDAS monitor as it is.

       -help  Display a brief description of all options and exits quietly.


       inmidas  can  also  use  the  following  definitions  in  the  environment  with  the same
       performance as previous described arguments.
       NOTE: Arguments in the inmidas command line  are  taken  with  preference  to  environment

              Home directory for MIDAS.

              Release of MIDAS.

              X server for the display and graphical MIDAS windows.

              Set to PARALLEL or NOPARALLEL.

              Startup directory for MIDAS.