Provided by: istgt_0.4~20111008-3build1_amd64 bug


       istgt - iSCSI target


       istgt [options]


       istgt  is an iSCSI target for FreeBSD 7.1 or later.  It is designed for multipath failover
       cluster nodes.  Also useful for virtual machine such as Hyper-V, ESXi.


       -c config
              Use specified file as configuration file.  Multiple instance of  istgt  is  allowed
              for different IP/ports.

       -p pidfile
              Use  specified  file  for  writing  PID  of  daemon.   Also  it can be specified in
              configuration file.  This option overwrites by setting of configuration file.

       -l facility
              Use specific syslog facility.

       -m mode
              Use specified operational mode. 0 = traditional (similar to 20100707), 1  =  normal
              (default), 2 = experimental (new feature mode).

       -t flag
              Print  trace information to standard error.  trace flag (all, net, iscsi, scsi, lu,

       -q     Use quiet mode. The warning message is omitted.

       -D     The istgt will not detach from tty and run as foreground.   It  requires  to  print
              tarce information.

       -H     Show usage

       -V     Show version


              Configuration file
              Authentication information file
              PID of daemon


       Daisuke Aoyama <>