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       jclic-libmanager - Utility to manage JClic libraries at system level


       jclic-libmanager [OPTION] [NAME] [FILE]


       This  manual  page  describes  briefly  the  jclic-library  command.  This manual page was
       written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.  It only contains the  description  of  the
       basic options. For full manuals and documentation please visit: and

       JClic is formed by a set of computer applications that are used for carrying out different
       types of educational activities: puzzles, associations, text exercises, crosswords...
       If you want to check about how JClic projects are, you should take a look at:

       JClic activities are packed in JClic projects. Projects are sets of  activities  organized
       in one or more sequences, which indicate the order in which they have to be shown.
       Projects  can  be  organized  into  JClic  Libraries.  Libraries  are collections of JClic
       projects, often  structured  in  folders  and  subfolders.   When  JClic  starts,  it  can
       automatically  show  the main library. When more than one library is defined JClic shows a
       list, allowing users to select one.
       Each user can have its own JClic  Library,  usually  placed  in  ~/JClic/projects.   JClic
       libraries  are  encapsulated  into  XML  files.  These  files are named "library.jclic" by
       System-wide libraries can also be  specified.  These  system-wide  libraries  are  usually
       "read-only", and shown to everyone without the need of per-user settings.

       JClic Library Manager is a tool intended to be used by admin users to list, add and remove
       references to JClic Libraries at system level. It should be called always as  a  superuser
       (e.g.: "sudo jclic-libmanager -list")


       -list  List the name and path of the current JClic libraries defined at system level.

       -add name path
              Adds  the  "library.jclic"  file  pointed  by  "path" into the list of JClic system
              libraries. If "name" has blanks, please enclose it within double quotes.

       -remove name
              Remove the specified library from the list of JClic  libraries  defined  at  system
              level.   Please  enter  the  exact  name,  as  obtained  by  a call to "sudo jclic-
              libmanager -list", and enclose it within double quotes in case it has blanks.

       -help  Displays a short abstract of the options.

              JClic was written by Francesc Busquets <> for the  Department  of
              Education of the Government of Catalonia.


       jclic(1), jclicauthor(1), jclicreports(1)

                                            2013-12-04                   JClic Library Manager(1)