Provided by: jose_10-2build1_amd64 bug


       jose-jws-ver - Verifies a JWS using the supplied JWKs


       jose jws ver -i JWS [-I PAY] -k JWK [-a] [-O PAY]


       The  jose jws ver command verifies a signature over a payload using one or more JWKs. When
       specifying more than one JWK (-k), the program will succeed when any of the provided  JWKs
       successfully  verify  a  signature.  Alternatively, if the -a option is given, the program
       will succeed only when all JWKs successfully verify a signature.

       If the JWS is a detached JWS, meaning that the payload is stored in binary  form  external
       to the JWS itself, the payload can be loaded using the -I parameter.

       Please  note  that,  when  specifying  the -O option to output the payload, the payload is
       output whether or not the signature validates. Therefore, you must check the return  value
       of the command before trusting the data.


       -i JSON, --input=JSON
              Parse JWS from JSON

       -i FILE, --input=FILE
              Read JWS from FILE

       -i -, --input=-
              Read JWS from standard input

       -I FILE, --detached=FILE
              Read decoded payload from FILE

       -I -, --detached=-
              Read decoded payload from standard input

       -k FILE, --key=FILE
              Read JWK(Set) from FILE

       -k -, --key=-
              Read JWK(Set) from standard input

       -O FILE, --detach=FILE
              Decode payload to FILE

       -O -, --detach=-
              Decode payload to standard output

       -a, --all
              Ensure the JWS validates with all keys


       Verify a regular JWS and output the payload:

           $ jose jws ver -i msg.jws -k key.jwk -O msg.txt

       Verify a detached JWS without outputting the payload:

           $ jose jws ver -i msg.jws -I msg.txt -k key.jwk

       Ensure that a JWS is signed with all specified keys:

           $ jose jws ver -i msg.jws -k ec.jwk -k rsa.jwk -a


       Nathaniel McCallum <>


       jose-jws-fmt(1), jose-jws-sig(1)

                                             May 2017                             JOSE-JWS-VER(1)