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       jose - Toolkit for performing JSON Object Signing and Encryption


       jose alg [-k KIND]

       jose b64 dec -i B64 [-O BIN]

       jose b64 enc -I BIN [-o B64]

       jose jwe dec -i JWE [-I CT] -k JWK [-p] [-O PT]

       jose jwe enc [-i JWE] -I PT -k JWK [-p] [-r RCP] [-o JWE] [-O CT] [-c]

       jose jwe fmt -i JWE [-I CT] [-o JWE] [-O CT] [-c]

       jose jwk exc [-i JWK] -l JWK -r JWK [-o JWK]

       jose jwk gen -i JWK [-o JWK]

       jose jwk pub -i JWK [-o JWK]

       jose jwk thp -i JWK [-a ALG] [-o THP]

       jose jwk use -i JWK [-a] [-r] -u OP

       jose jws fmt -i JWS [-I PAY] [-o JWS] [-O PAY] [-c]

       jose jws sig [-i JWS] [-I PAY] [-s SIG] -k JWK [-o JWS] [-O PAY] [-c]

       jose jws ver -i JWS [-I PAY] -k JWK [-O PAY] [-a]


       José  is  a  C-language  implementation  of  the  Javascript Object Signing and Encryption
       standards. Specifically, José aims towards implementing the following standards:

       ·   RFC 7515 - JSON Web Signature (JWS)

       ·   RFC 7516 - JSON Web Encryption (JWE)

       ·   RFC 7517 - JSON Web Key (JWK)

       ·   RFC 7518 - JSON Web Algorithms (JWA)

       ·   RFC 7519 - JSON Web Token (JWT)

       ·   RFC 7520 - Examples of Protecting Content Using JOSE

       ·   RFC 7638 - JSON Web Key (JWK) Thumbprint

       The José command line utility provides facilities for the following:

       ·   URL-safe Base64 Encoding & Decoding

       ·   Key Generation and Management

       ·   Encryption & Decryption

       ·   Signing & Verification


       Nathaniel McCallum <>


       jose-alg(1),   jose-b64-dec(1),   jose-b64-enc(1),    jose-jwe-dec(1),    jose-jwe-enc(1),
       jose-jwe-fmt(1),   jose-jwk-exc(1),   jose-jwk-gen(1),  jose-jwk-pub(1),  jose-jwk-thp(1),
       jose-jwk-use(1), jose-jws-fmt(1), jose-jws-sig(1), jose-jws-ver(1)

                                             May 2017                                     JOSE(1)