Provided by: elektra-bin_0.8.14-5.1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       kdb-export - Export keys from the key database


       kdb export <source> [<format>]


       This command allows a user to export keys from the key database.
       Keys are exported to stdout in whichever format is specified.
       The   default   format   is  dump  but  can  be  changed  by  editing  the  value  of  the
       sw/kdb/current/format key.
       This command can also be used to view full key(s) including their values.


       Where source is the path of the key(s) you want to export.
       Additionally, the user can specify a format to use by passing it as  the  option  argument
       The  format  attribute relies on Elektra´s plugin system to export the keys in the desired
       format. The user can view all  plugins  available  for  use  by  running  the  kdb-list(1)
       command. To learn about any plugin, the user can simply use the kdb-info(1) command.


       -H, --help
              Show the man page.

       -V, --version
              Print version info.

       -E, --without-elektra
              Omit the system/elektra directory.


       To view your full key database in Elektra´s native dump format: kdb export /

       To  backup  your  full  key  database  in  Elektra´s  native  dump format to a file called
       full-backup.ecf: kdb export / > full-backup.ecf

       To view a keyset stored in user/keyset in the XML format: kdb export user/keyset xmltool

       To backup a keyset stored in user/keyset in the ini format to a  file  called  keyset.ini:
       kdb export user/keyset ini > keyset.ini


       ·   For an introductions into plugins, read elektra-plugins(7)

       ·   Only storage plugins can be used for formatting.

                                            July 2017                               KDB-EXPORT(1)