Provided by: koji-servers_1.10.0-1_all bug


       koji-gc - Garbage collection tool for Koji


       koji-gc [options]


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -c FILE, --config-file=FILE
              use alternate configuration file

              specify a Kerberos keytab to use

              specify a Kerberos principal to use

              the service name of the principal being used by the hub

              run as the specified user (requires special privileges)

              specify user

              specify password

              do not authenticate

              enable hackish workaround for broken networks

              Client SSL certificate file for authentication

              CA cert file that issued the client certificate

              CA cert file that issued the hub certificate

       -n, --test
              test mode

       -d, --debug
              show debug output

              show xmlrpc debug output

              specify smtp server for notifications

              don't send notifications

              send notifications

              Email domain appended to Koji username for notifications

              From address for notifications

              action(s) to take

              time before eligible builds are placed in trashcan

              time that builds are held in trashcan

              don't actually run main

              allow builds signed with these keys to be deleted

       --tag-filter=PATTERN, --tag=PATTERN
              Process only tags matching PATTERN when pruning

              Ignore tags matching PATTERN when pruning

       --pkg-filter=PATTERN, --pkg=PATTERN, --package=PATTERN
              Process only packages matching PATTERN

              Bypass locks for tags matching PATTERN

              When pruning, attempt to delete the builds that are untagged

              specify an alternate trashcan tag

              url of koji web server (for use in notifications)

       -s SERVER, --server=SERVER
              url of koji XMLRPC server