Provided by: distcc_3.1-6.3_amd64 bug


       lsdistcc - simple distcc server discovery


       lsdistcc [OPTIONS] [FORMAT]

       lsdistcc [OPTIONS] host1 ...


       lsdistcc  autodetects  listening  distcc  servers either by looking in DNS for hosts named
       according to a given FORMAT, or by checking the host names given on the command line.

       Hosts are considered good servers based solely on whether their name fits the  format  and
       whether they are listening on the right port (and optionally whether they respond when you
       send them a compile job).

       Scans for hosts named according to FORMAT  (default  is  "distcc%d";  see  printf(3))  and
       starting  from  1, so hosts such as distcc1, distcc2, and so on.  Stops after 7 seconds or
       the first host name that does not resolve.  Prints the names of all such servers listening
       on distcc's port.

       If  a  list  of  host  names  is given in the command line, lsdistcc will only check those


       --help Displays summary instructions

       -l     Output latency in milliseconds after each hostname (not including DNS latency)

       -n     Print IP address rather than name

       -x     Append ,down to down hosts in host list

              Set number of seconds to stop searching after [7]

              Set number of milliseconds before retrying gethostbyname [500]

              Set number of milliseconds before giving up on connect [900] (0 to inhibit connect)

              Set number of milliseconds before  giving  up  on  compile  [1500]  (0  to  inhibit

       -mBITS Set number of bits of address that must match first host found [0]

              Set number of extra DNS requests to send [1]

              Set number of missing DNS entries to tolerate [0]

       -rPORT Port to connect to [3632]

              Protocol version to use (1-3) [1]

              Name of compiler to use [none]

       -d     Append DNS domain name to format

       -v     Verbose


       Scan  for  servers  named distcc1, distcc2, ...  that provide a compiler named gcc-4.6 and
       include their latencies in the output:

              $ lsdistcc -l -pgcc-4.6

       Scan for a compiler named gcc-4.6 on the servers hosta, somehost, hostx, and hosty:

              $ lsdistcc -pgcc-4.6 hosta somehost hostx hosty

       To use the program in a build script, add the lines:

              export DISTCC_HOSTS

       before the line that invokes make.  Or, in a Makefile, add the line:

              export DISTCC_HOSTS = $(shell lsdistcc)


       The exit status is 0 if any servers were found, and 1 otherwise.

       Uses 'for i=1... sprintf(format, i)' to construct names of servers, stops after 7  seconds
       or  at  second server that doesn't resolve, prints the names of all such servers listening
       on distcc's port.  Default format is distcc%d.


       distcc(1), distccd(1), printf(3)


       lsdistcc was written by Dan Kegel, Dongmin Zhang, and Manos Renieris.

       This manual page was written by Daniel Hartwig for the Debian project.

                                            1 May 2012                                lsdistcc(1)