Provided by: casacore-tools_2.4.1-1_amd64 bug


       measuresdata - read IERS and other data for Measure conversion


       measuresdata [key=value  ... ]


       The measuresdata program is able to analyse ascii tables (or sinex files or xml files) and
       convert them into casa Tables which can be used by e.g. the Measures class.

       The files have to be obtained by other means (e.g. a python script,  manually  or  another
       script (e.g. the provided measuresdata.csh tcsh script.

   Normal operation
       1.     Call  the  program measuresdata. The program can have arguments (see later, but the
              defaults suffice. The program will produce a cout log.

       2.     The program will return with either a failure status or  with  success  status.  In
              latter  case a resource file (measuresdata.rc) will be present. This file will have

               status: [end|cont]
               ftp: <node-address>
               dir: <ftp-directory>
               file: <ftp-file>
               data: ascii
               arg: <arguments to call back to measuresdata>

              If the status is given as 'end' the program is finished; if it is given  as  'cont'
              the  script should obtain the file given by ftp, dir and file and call measuresdata
              back with all the info in arg.

       3.     Loop with calls to measuresdata


       The arguments to measuresdata are given in casa 'Inputs' format. I.e.  as 'key=value'.  In
       the following the key is followed by default.

              Type(s) of tables to produce. Default: all

              Input ascii file. Normally determined by measuresdata program. Default: -

              Force a table refresh within the minimum refresh period. Default: n

              Force a table renew, rather than an update, if table has to be refreshed.  Default:

              The wanted range for the JPL planetary tables. Default: 1960,now+20

              Base directory for tables. Default: .