Provided by: maven-debian-helper_2.3~exp1_all bug


       Maven - manual page for Maven Repo Helper version 1.7.1


       mh_resolve_dependencies [option]... <package>


       Resolve the dependencies and generates the substvars file containing the list of dependent


              <package> is the name of the binary package,

              e.g. libcommons-lang-java. Default to the first binary found in the  debian/control


       -h --help: show this text

       -V --version: show the version

       -p<package> --package=<package>: name of the package

       -a --ant: use Ant for the packaging instead of Maven

       -j --javadoc: resolve the Javadoc dependencies

       -n --non-interactive: non interactive mode, don't ask questions

       -o --offline: don't ever connect to the internet, for Debian build


       -v --verbose: show more information while running

       -b --base-directory: path to root directory of package

              --non-explore:  doesn't  explore directories for pom.xml --build: build mode (don't
              write the .poms and rules files)

       Description: This tool reads the POM files defined in debian/.poms  and  scans  the  Maven
       repository  in  /usr/share/maven-repo.  It then extracts the dependencies required for the
       current package and store them in the file debian/.substvars where they  can  be  read  by
       debhelper.  The variables defined are:

              maven:Depends  -  the list of runtime dependencies maven:OptionalDepends - the list
              of optional runtime dependencies maven:CompileDepends - the  list  of  compile-time
              dependencies maven:TestDepends - the list of test dependencies