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GRASS GIS 7.4.0 Reference Manual

       Geographic  Resources  Analysis  Support  System,  commonly  referred  to  as  GRASS, is a
       Geographic Information System (GIS) used for  geospatial  data  management  and  analysis,
       image  processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization. GRASS is
       currently used in academic and commercial settings around the world, as well  as  by  many
       governmental agencies and environmental consulting companies.

       This  reference  manual  details  the use of modules distributed with Geographic Resources
       Analysis Support System  (GRASS),  an  open  source  (GNU  GPLed),  image  processing  and
       geographic information system (GIS).  Go back to help overview

   Miscellaneous commands:
       m.cogo                                                       A   simple  utility  for  converting  bearing  and  distance
                                                                    measurements to coordinates and vice versa.

       m.measure                                                    Measures the lengths and areas of features.

       m.nviz.image                                                 Creates a 3D rendering of GIS data.

       m.nviz.script                                                Creates fly-through script to run in NVIZ.

       m.proj                                                       Converts coordinates from one projection to  another  (cs2cs

       m.transform                                                  Computes  a  coordinate  transformation based on the control

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