Provided by: musescore-sfconvert_20180222-2_amd64 bug


     musescore-sfconvert — SoundFont conversion utility


     musescore-sfconvert [-cdsxz] [-a ampl] [-p p] [-q qual] infile [outfile]


     The musescore-sfconvert utility converts an SF2 format SoundFont; it can
     compress it into SF3, encode as C for embedding into a binary, or as XML.

     The options are as follows:

     -a ampl
          Set the pre-compression amplification to ampl (default -1.0) dB.

     -c   Output C code.

     -d   Dump presets.

     -p p
          Append p to the list of presets.

     -q qual
          Set the Vorbis quality to qual (default 0.3).

     -s   Create a small soundfont (one instrument/preset), pan to 0.

     -x   Output XML.

     -z   Compress the soundfont.

     The -c, -d and -z options are mutually exclusive.  XML output needs -z
     but does not seem to compress.


     Raising the quality to 0.6 might be necessary to avoid artifacts; this
     however increases the size of the generated SF3 by about a third (to
     about fifteen percent of the SF2 size).

     There is no formal specification of the SF3 format yet.