Provided by: python-dcmstack_0.6.2+git33-gb43919a.1-1_all bug


       usage: - meta data manipulation tool for dcmstack-enhanced NIfTI images


       usage: nitool [-h] {split,merge,dump,embed,lookup,inject} ...

       Work with extended Nifti files created by dcmstack

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit


       split  Split  src_nii  file  along  a  dimension.  Defaults  to the slice dimension if 3D,
              otherwise the last dimension.

       merge  Merge the provided Nifti files along a dimension.  Defaults to  slice,  then  time,
              and then vector.

       dump   Dump the JSON meta data extension from the provided Nifti.

       embed  Embed a JSON extension into the Nifti file.

       lookup Lookup the value for the given meta data key.

       inject Inject meta data into the JSON extension.

       nitool: error: too few arguments

usage: nitool [-h] {split,merge,dump,embedSeptembern2015} ...                           USAGE:(1)