Provided by: prometheus_2.1.0+ds-1_amd64 bug


       prometheus - The Prometheus monitoring server


       prometheus [<flags>]


       The Prometheus monitoring server


       -h, --help
              Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).

              Show application version.

              Prometheus configuration file path.

              Address to listen on for UI, API, and telemetry.
              Maximum  duration  before  timing  out  read  of  the  request,  and  closing  idle

              Maximum number of simultaneous connections.

              The URL under which Prometheus is externally reachable (for example, if  Prometheus
              is  served  via  a  reverse proxy). Used for generating relative and absolute links
              back to Prometheus itself. If the URL has a path portion, it will be used to prefix
              all  HTTP  endpoints served by Prometheus. If omitted, relevant URL components will
              be derived automatically.

              Prefix  for  the  internal  routes  of  web  endpoints.   Defaults   to   path   of

              Path to static asset/templates directory.

              Path to static asset directory, available at /user.

              Enable shutdown and reload via HTTP request.

              Enables API endpoints for admin control actions.

              Path to the console template directory, available at /consoles.

              Path to the console library directory.

              Base path for metrics storage.

              How long to retain samples in the storage.
              Do not create lockfile in data directory.

              The capacity of the queue for pending alert manager notifications.

              Timeout for sending alerts to Alertmanager.

              The delta difference allowed for retrieving metrics during expression evaluations.

              Maximum time a query may take before being aborted.

              Maximum number of queries executed concurrently.

              Only  log  messages  with  the given severity or above. One of: [debug, info, warn,