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       pruneemptydirs - Detects stale source directories in a CVS tree


       pruneemptydirs [-f]


       pruneemptydirs is used to clean up a local CVS tree. It detects directories containing
       remnants of old stuff which has been removed from the CVS. Such stale directories often
       break compilation. The current directory and all directories beneath it will be examined.

       Note that this tool does not remove anything; it simply prints what to do as a series of
       remove commands. You can copy and paste these commands, or use them with eval in a script.

       This tool works better if the source directory is not the same as the build directory,
       since it will not print directories containing old executables.

       This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.


           Actually perform the deletions instead of just printing them out. Use this option with


       pruneemptydirs was written by David Faure <>

       This manual page was prepared by Ben Burton<>


       Ben Burton <>

[FIXME: source]                           April 8, 2003                         PRUNEEMPTYDIRS(1)