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       r.out.pov  - Converts a raster map layer into a height-field file for POV-Ray.


       raster, export


       r.out.pov --help
       r.out.pov   input=name   output=name    [hftype=integer]     [bias=float]    [scale=float]
       [--overwrite]  [--help]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]  [--ui]

           Allow output files to overwrite existing files

           Print usage summary

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Force launching GUI dialog

       input=name [required]
           Name of input raster map

       output=name [required]
           Name of output povray file (TGA height field file)

           Height-field type (0=actual heights 1=normalized)

           Elevation bias

           Vertical scaling factor


       r.out.pov converts a user-specified raster map layer (map==name) into a height-field  file
       for  POVray (tga==name). The hftype==value option (where value is either 0 or 1) specifies
       the height-field type. When the user enters 0  the  output  will  be  actual  heights.  If
       entered  1  the  cell-values  will  be  normalized.  If  hftype  is 0 (actual heights) the
       bias==value can be used to add or subtract a value from heights. Use scale==value to scale
       your  heights  by  value.  The GRASS program r.out.pov can be used to create height- field
       files for Persistence of Vision (POV) raytracer. POV can use  a  height-field  defined  in
       Targa  (.TGA) image file format where the RGB pixel values are 24 bits (3 bytes). A 16 bit
       unsigned integer height-field value is assigned as follows: RED = high byte, GREEN  =  low
       byte, BLUE = empty.


       An example Povray script file may look like this:

       #include ""
       #include ""
       #include ""
       #declare Scale = 7;
       light_source { <40000, Scale*3000, 5000> color MainLight }
       camera {
          location < 23000, Scale*2000, 0>
          angle  90
          look_at < 23000, Scale*1400, 5000>
       height_field  {
          tga ""
          water_level 0.11  // 726 / 6553.6 = 0.111
           texture {
             pigment {
                 image_map { // image is always projected from -z, with front facing  +z, top to +Y
                    ppm ""
                 rotate x*90 // align map to height_field
          finish {
                 ambient 0.2         // Very dark shadows
                 diffuse 0.8         // Whiten the whites
                 phong 0.2           // shiny
                 phong_size 100.0    // with tight highlights
                 specular 0.5
                 roughness 0.05
          scale < 14500, Scale*6553.6, 13000 >
          translate <18300, 0, 1100>


       Klaus D. Meyer, GEUM.tec GbR, eMail:

       Last changed: $Date: 2016-07-01 00:16:57 +0200 (Fri, 01 Jul 2016) $


       Available at: r.out.pov source code (history)

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