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Graphical index of GRASS GIS modules

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   Raster modules:
           ·   r.buffer Creates a raster map showing buffer zones surrounding cells that  contain
               non-NULL category values.

           ·   r.carve Generates stream channels.

           ·   r.contour Produces a vector map of specified contours from a raster map.

           ·   r.cost  Creates  a  raster  map  showing  the  cumulative  cost  of moving between
               different geographic locations on an input raster map whose cell  category  values
               represent cost.

           ·   r.drain Traces a flow through an elevation model or cost surface on a raster map.

           ·   r.fill.dir  Filters  and  generates  a  depressionless  elevation  map  and a flow
               direction map from a given elevation raster map.

           ·   r.fill.stats  Rapidly  fills  ’no  data’  cells  (NULLs)  of  a  raster  map  with
               interpolated values (IDW).

           ·   r.flow Constructs flowlines.

           ·   r.geomorphon  Calculates geomorphons (terrain forms) and associated geometry using
               machine vision approach.

           ·   r.grow.distance Generates a raster map  containing  distances  to  nearest  raster

           ·   r.grow Generates a raster map layer with contiguous areas grown by one cell.

           ·   r.gwflow  Numerical  calculation  program  for  transient, confined and unconfined
               groundwater flow in two dimensions.

           ·   r.horizon Computes horizon angle height from a digital elevation model.

           · Creates a raster map from LAS LiDAR points using univariate statistics.

           ·   r.lake Fills lake at given point to given level.

           · Calculates contrast weighted edge density index on a raster map

           · Calculates dominance’s diversity index on a raster map

           · Calculates edge  density  index  on  a  raster  map,  using  a  4
               neighbour algorithm

           · Toolset for multiscale analysis of landscape structure

           · Calculates mean pixel attribute index on a raster map

           ·  Calculates  mean  patch  size index on a raster map, using a 4 neighbour

           · Calculates coefficient of variation of patch area on a raster map

           · Calculates range of patch area size on a raster map

           · Calculates standard deviation of patch area a raster map

           · Calculates Pielou’s diversity index on a raster map

           · Calculates Renyi’s diversity index on a raster map

           · Calculates richness index on a raster map

           · Calculates Shannon’s diversity index on a raster map

           · Calculates Simpson’s diversity index on a raster map

           ·   r.param.scale Extracts terrain parameters from a DEM.

           ·   r.patch Creates a composite raster map layer by using known category  values  from
               one (or more) map layer(s) to fill in areas of "no data" in another map layer.

           ·   r.random.cells Generates random cell values with spatial dependence.

           ·   r.random  Creates  a  raster  map  layer  and vector point map containing randomly
               located points.

           ·   r.relief Creates shaded relief map from an elevation map (DEM).

           ·   r.resamp.interp Resamples raster map to a finer grid using interpolation.

           ·   r.resamp.stats Resamples raster map layers to a coarser grid using aggregation.

           ·   r.rgb Splits a raster map into red, green and blue maps.

           ·   r.shade Drapes a color raster over an shaded relief or aspect map.

           ·   r.sim.water  Overland  flow  hydrologic  simulation  using  path  sampling  method

           ·   r.slope.aspect  Generates  raster  maps  of  slope, aspect, curvatures and partial
               derivatives from an elevation raster map.

           · Performs stream network extraction.

           ·   r.sun Solar irradiance and irradiation model.

           ·   r.sunhours Calculates solar elevation, solar azimuth, and sun hours.

           · Creates a fractal surface of a given fractal dimension.

           · Generates a raster map using gaussian random number generator.

           · Produces a raster  surface  map  of  uniform  random  deviates  with
               defined range.

           ·   r.terraflow Performs flow computation for massive grids.

           ·   r.texture Generate images with textural features from a raster map.

           ·   r.thin Thins non-null cells that denote linear features in a raster map layer.

           · Converts 2D raster map slices to one 3D raster volume map.

           ·  Creates  a  3D  volume  map based on 2D elevation and value raster

           ·   r.topidx Creates a topographic index (wetness index) raster map from an  elevation
               raster map.

           ·   r.univar Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells of a raster map.

           ·   r.viewshed Computes the viewshed of a point on an elevation raster map.

           ·   r.water.outlet Creates watershed basins from a drainage direction map.

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