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       sgmldiff - Find differences in the markup of two SGML files


       sgmldiff [ options  ... ] file1 file2 [ -a | --attributes
           | -c  [ attributes | nesting | textpos ] | --context  [ attributes | nesting | textpos
           | -s | --statistics
           | -h | --help
           | -v | --version ]


       This perl script allows to determine the structural differences between two SGML files. It
       compares  the  files,  regardless  of  what  is  in between the tags, to only focus on the
       markup. Its output is similar to diff(1).

       The typical use of sgmldiff is to compare an SGML file with its translation  into  another
       language.  If  the  translation  was  done  cleanly,  sgmldiff returns without finding any
       difference in the markup.

       An example of a typical call to sgmldiff is:

             sgmldiff english.sgml italiano.sgml

       If there are differences in markup between both files, sgmldiff will output  a  series  of
       differences reports summarized with lines of the form:

              At line 169 of the first file, line 164 of the second file has been added.

              At line 8 of the first file, lines 12 to 15 of the second file have been added.

       41d28  Line 41 of the first file has been destroyed, to obtain line 28 of the second file.

              Lines  63  to  66  of  the first file have been destroyed. to obtain line 61 of the
              second file.

       52c51  Line 52 of the first file has been changed into line 51 of the second file.

              Lines 5 to 7 of the first file have been changed into lines 8 to 10 of  the  second
              line.   In  addition  to  those  summaries,  the  lines of the first file are shown
              preceeded by '<' and the lines of the second file are shown preceeded by '>".


       Here is the list of actions that can be requested to sgmldiff:

                    [ -a | --attributes ]
              Include the attribute values in the difference tests.  Don't set this value if  the
              attributes  are  likely  to  be  translated. Set this value if the attributes value
              shouldn't change between both files. Default is to don't include the attributes  in
              the difference tests.

                    [  -c  [ attributes | nesting | textpos ] | --context  [ attributes | nesting
       | textpos ] ]
              Add more context to the difference. Since every test between the  tags  is  removed
              before  testing  the differences, sgmldiff is likely to resynchronize itself at the
              wrong place, by thinking the location in both  files  correspond,  while  it's  not
              true. By adding more context to the compared area, such risk is disminished.

              The allowed values for the --context option are:

                     Take  into  account the attribute names. The attribute values are controlled
                     by the attributes option.

                     Take into account the nesting level of all the compared tags.

                     Take into account the position in the text.

                    [ -s | --statistics ]
              Print some SGML information at the end.

                    [ -h | --help ]
              Print a short help message and exit

                    [ -v | --version ]
              Print the version identifier and exit



                 Frederik Fouvry
              Developer of sgmldiff.


              conversion from a SGML file to other file formats

              a base component of OpenJade DSSSL engine

              the home page of the DocBook tools, a compendium of all tools necessary to  process
              DocBook files, including the DocBook-utils

                                          05 August 2016                              SGMLDIFF(1)