Provided by: mon_1.3.2-3_amd64 bug


       skymon - "moncmd" interface to a SkyTel 2-way pager


       skymon This is a "moncmd" interface to a SkyTel 2-way pager.

       It  utilizes  procmail  filters  and password authentication to do its trick.  I would not
       call this a "secure" authentication mechanism, but in Marcus  Ranum-speak  it  is  "really
       nice". Use at your own risk.

       It would be even more "really nice" if this did SecureID or S/Key.

       Also keep in mind that all queries and all results pass through the Great Wide Internet to
       get back to your pager.


       Commands are sent via email with the following format:


       Commands are the following, and can only be used if they exist in the "allow" file:

       eh     Enable host

       es     Enable service

       ew     Enable watch

       dh host reason
              Disable host

       ds watch service reason
              Disable service

       dw watch reason
              Disable watch

       lf     List failures

       ld     List disabled

       The idea behind the brevity is that it's a pain to compose messages on that  silly  little


       mon(8), moncmd(1), monshow(1)


       skymon was written by Jim Trocki, <>

       This manual page was written by Dario Minnucci <>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).