Provided by: graphviz_2.40.1-2_amd64 bug


       smyrna - interactive graph viewer


       smyrna [ -v?  ] [ file ]


       smyrna  is  a  viewer  for  graphs in the DOT format.  It is especially designed to handle
       large graphs, and allows flat and topological fisheye views.   It  is  assumed  the  input
       graph has position information associated with all nodes. Using the Graphviz convention, a
       node's position is given by its pos attribute consisting of 2 or 3 floating point  numbers
       separated by commas.  Nodes are drawn as points and edges as line segments.

       If  smyrna  detects  that  the file contains xdot attributes, it will use this information
       when drawing nodes and edges.

       smyrna supports panning and zooming; node and edge selection; setting and retrieving  node
       and  edge  attributes, especially colors; and node movement.  The Smyrna Settings dialogue
       box available under the Edit pull-down menu gives the user many choices for tailoring  the
       graph view. These include whether or not nodes/edges are drawn; what labels are associated
       with nodes/edges; node size; transparency settings for nodes/edges; parameters  associated
       with the topological fisheye view.

       For the purposes of exploratory data analysis, smyrna provides access to the gvpr library.
       This allows the user to arbitrarily query, filter or manipulate a graph. When filtering or
       manipulating  a  graph,  the user has the option of performing the changes directly on the
       input graph, or to create a new version with the changes.


       The following options are supported:

       -v     Verbose mode.

       -?     Print usage information.

       By default, gc returns the number of nodes and edges.


       The following operand is supported:

       file    Name of file containing a graph in DOT format.  If no file operand  is  specified,
               the user can employ the File pull-down menu to select a file to be opened.


       The following exit values are returned:

       0   Successful completion.

       1   If  no  No  appropriate  OpenGL-capable  visual  found,  or  if the default attributes
           template graph file or the default attributes widget graph file could not be read.


       smyrna  relies  on  numerous  support  files.  These  are   usually   installed   in   the
       "share/graphviz/smyrna" directory below the installation root. The principal files are:
              A  file in DOT format specifying the default smyrna settings.  In particular, these
              are used to initialize the settings of the Smyrna Settings dialogue box.

              A text file specifying the mapping of  concrete  mouse  and  keyboard  events  with
              smyrna actions such as panning and selecting.
              A  file  in  DOT  format  specifying  the  bindings  between GUI widgets and smyrna


              allows a user to override the built-in path to  the  directory  containing  all  of
              smyrna's files described above.


       Arif Bilgin <>
       Emden R. Gansner <>


       gvpr(1), dotty(1), libcgraph(3)
       "Smyrna Tutorial and Reference Manual"

                                         9 December 2009                                    GC(1)