Provided by: fp-units-castle-game-engine_6.4+dfsg1-2_amd64 bug


       sprite-sheet-to-x3d - convert spritesheet files into X3D files


       sprite-sheet-to-x3d: Convert spritesheet files into X3D files.

              sprite-sheet-to-x3d [OPTIONS]... <spritesheet> <output>

   Available options are:
       -h / --help
              Print this help message and exit.

       -v / --version
              Print the version number and exit.

              How  many  frames  per  second  does the animation have.  Determines the animations
              duration (TimeSensor.cycleInterval values in the X3D output).

       Supported input file formats:

       - Starling (.xml). Fully supported.

       - Cocos2D (.plist). Covered most of the important stuff.

              Rare features (like rotate, polygon sprites) are not supported,  but  they  can  be
              added easily, please submit a request!


       Animation frames must be named "XXX_YYY", where:

       - XXX: Frame name, start with a letter, will be used as animation name.

       - YYY: Frame number.

       For example: slime_01.png, slime_02.png...

       By  default  anchor will be placed at the center of the sprite if the tool didn't found it
       in spritesheet.

       Developed using Castle Game Engine.  See  for  latest
       versions of this program, sources and documentation.