Provided by: stegosuite_0.8.0-1_all bug


       stegosuite - Steganography tool to hide information in image files


       stegosuite -c [--disable-noise-detection] imagefile
       stegosuite -e [-m message] [-f file [...]]  [-k key] [--disable-noise-detection] imagefile
       stegosuite -x [-m message] [-f file [...]]  [-k key] [--disable-noise-detection] imagefile


       Stegosuite is a graphical steganography tool to easily hide information in image files. It
       allows the embedding of text messages and multiple files of any  type.  In  addition,  the
       embedded data is encrypted using AES. Currently supported file types are BMP, GIF, JPG and

              shows the maximum amount of data which can be embededded

              embed data into image

              extract data from image

       -f file [...],--files file [...]
              files to embed

       -m message,--message message
              message to embed

       -k secret_key,--key secret_key
              secret key used for encrytion and hiding

              disables the automatic avoidance of homogeneous areas

              displays a help message

              show debug information