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       symphony - mixed-integer linear program (MILP) solver


       symphony  [  -hagrtbd  ] [ -u ub ] [ -p procs ] [ -n rule ] [ -v level ] [ -s cands ] [ -c
       rule ] [ -k rule ] [ -m max ] [ -l pools ] [ -i iters ] [  -f  parameter_file_name  ]  [-j
       0/1] [-o tree_out_file]


       This manual page briefly documents the symphony command.

       symphony  is  a  generic MILP solver that can be invoked from the command line (through an
       interactive shell or in a batch mode), or by linking to  the  provided  callable  library.
       When  no  options  are  given  symphony  enters  the interactive shell mode. Otherwise the
       program enters the batch mode, for which a summary of options is included below.


       At a minimum, one must specify the name of the file to be read and solved.

       -h     help

       -a     no cut timeout

       -d     enable graph drawing

       -g     use cut generator

       -r     do repricing in root

       -t     trim the tree

       -b     don't perform branch and cut

       -u ub  use upper bound 'ub'

       -p procs
              allow 'procs' active nodes

       -n i   use node selection rule 'i'

       -v i   set verbosity to level 'i'

       -s cands
              use 'cands' candidates for strong branching

       -k i   use rule 'i' to select child

       -m n   allow a max of 'n' cuts to enter per iteration

       -e n   allow a max of 'n' cut pools

       -l n k load balance level 'n' and iterations 'k'

       -i n   allow a max of 'n' iterations in presolve

       -f file
              read parameters from parameter file 'file'

       -j 0/1 whether or not to generate cgl cuts

       -z n   set diving threshold to 'n'

       -o file
              output vbc-like tree information to file 'file'

       Solver-specific switches:

       symphony [ -H ] [ -FL file ]

       -H     help (solver-specific switches)

       -F model
              model should be read in from file 'model' (MPS format is assumed unless -D is  also

       -L model
              LP format model should be read in from file 'model'

       -D data
              model is in AMPL format and data is in file 'data'


       For a complete description, see


       in the coinor-libsymphony-doc package.


       symphony was written by Ted Ralphs

       This  manual  page  was written by Aramian Wasielak <>, based on
       "symphony -h" and clp.1, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                           Jan 21, 2010                               SYMPHONY(1)