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       texfont - font installation tool for ConTeXt


       texfont [ OPTION ...  ]


       TeXFont  is  a perl(1) script that helps to set up and install TeX fonts.  It was designed
       for use with ConTeXt, but may also be helpful for users of other formats, like  plain  TeX
       or LaTeX. Its use is described in detail in the files mtexfont.pdf and mfont.pdf.


       --fontroot=path : texmf font root (automatically determined)

       --sourcepath=path : when installing, copy from this path (default: .)

       --sourcepath=auto : locate and use vendor/collection

       --vendor=name : vendor name (first level directory)

       --collection=name : font collection (second level directory)

       --encoding=name : encoding vector (default: texnansi)

       --slant=s : slant glyphs in font by factor (0.0 - 1.5)

       --extend=s : extend glyphs in font by factor (0.0 - 1.5)

       --caps=s : capitalize lowercase chars by factor (0.5 - 1.0)

       --noligs : remove ligatures

       --install : copy files from source to font tree

       --listing : list files on auto sourcepath

       --remove : remove files on auto sourcepath

       --makepath : when needed, create the paths

       --test : use test paths for vendor/collection

       --show : run tex on texfont.tex

       --batch : process given batch file

       --weight : multiple master weight

       --width : multiple master width

       --expert : also handle expert fonts

       --help : show some more info


       ·      texexec(1), fontinst(1), perl(1), texshow(1).

       ·      The ConTeXt Font manual, mfonts.pdf available from PRAGMA ADE ⟨http://

       ·      The TeXFont manual, mtexfont.pdf

       ·      The TeXExec manual, mtexexec.pdf.

       ·      ConTeXt wiki ⟨⟩.

       ·      Donald E. Knuth´s The TeXbook.


       This manual page  was  written  by  Frank  Küster  <>,  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux  system,  and   modified by Sanjoy Mahajan <>.  It may be used and
       modified by others without contacting the authors.