Provided by: fp-units-castle-game-engine_6.4+dfsg1-2_amd64 bug


       texture-font-to-pascal - convert ttf font to a Pascal source file


       texture-font-to-pascal: convert ttf font to a Pascal source file, based on types in Castle
       Game Engine CastleTextureFontData unit.

              texture-font-to-pascal [options...] MyFontFile.ttf

   Available options:
       -h / --help
              Print this help message and exit

       --size FONT-SIZE


       --sample-text TEXT
              Load (if existing) all characters listed here. We  also  always  add  ASCII  chars,
              unless --only-sample-text given.

              Load only characters from --sample-text, do not add standard ASCII chars.

       --unit-name UnitName
              Set UnitName, by default we automatically calculate it based on font name and size.

              See the log, showing e.g. the font image size.

              Write to disk font images as png.

       texture-font-to-pascal    version    6.4.     Created   using   Castle   Game   Engine   ( ) version 6.4.  Compiled with FPC 3.0.4 (Linux / x86_64).