Provided by: direwolf_1.4+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       tt2text - Convert Touch Tone sequence to text


       tt2text touch-tone-squence


       tt2text  converts a Touch Tone squence to text.  There are two types of encoding:

              Multi-Press - Used for comments.

                     Letters  are represented by one or more presses of the same key depending on
                     their order listed on the button.  e.g.  Press 5 key once for J,  twice  for
                     K, thrice for L.

                     To  specify a digit use the number of letters listed on the button plus one.
                     e.g.  Press 5 key four times to get digit 5.  When two characters in  a  row
                     use the same key, use the "A" key as a separator.

              Two-Key - Used for callsigns.

                     Digits are represented by a single key press.

                     Letters  (or  space) are represented by the corresponding key followed by A,
                     B, C, or D depending on the order of the letter in the order listed.

       This application will try to decode the sequence using both methods.




       tt2text 2A22A2223A33A33340A00122223333

       Could be either type of encoding.
       Decoded text from multi-press method:
       "ABCDEFG 0123"
       Decoded text from two-key method:
       "A2A222D3D3334 00122223333"


       More detailed information  is  in  the  pdf  files  in  /usr/local/share/doc/direwolf,  or
       possibly /usr/share/doc/direwolf, depending on installation location.

       Applications in this package: aclients, atest, decode_aprs, direwolf, gen_packets, ll2utm,
       log2gpx, text2tt, tt2text, utm2ll