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       ufond -  convert UNIX font files into Macintosh format


       ufond [-dfont] [-macbin] [-res] [-script name] fontfile...


       The  program ufond takes UNIX font files, wraps them in a Macintosh resource fork, creates
       a family for them, and then wraps that in a macbinary or binhex file.

       The program reads one or more font files, specified at the end of the command line,  using
       any of the following formats:

       Glyph Bitmap Distribution (.bdf)

       TrueType (.ttf)

       OpenType (.otf)

       POSTSCRIPT Binary format (.pfb)

       All  fonts  with  the  same font family name will be placed in the same FOND.  The program
       associates the name of a POSTSCRIPT font with a bitmap font, as  well  as  handling  bold,
       italic, and other variants properly.

       The generated Macintosh files will be in one of three formats:

       MacBinary (default)

       dfont (data fork resource file format, used by MacOS X)

       bare resource fork (you have to know how to transform this into a real resource fork)

       The  program  normally assumes that your fonts are in the roman script system.  If this is
       not true you may specify a script directly.  The program knows the names of a few  scripts
       (greek,  cyrillic,  hebrew, arabic) which may be entered directly; otherwise you must know
       the Macintosh script number.


       -dfont Generate Macintosh files in dfont format.

              Generate Macintosh files in MacBinary format.

       -res   Generate Macintosh files in resource format.

       -script name
              Specify the Macintosh script number.


       George Williams (

       Manual   page   by   Ziying    Sherwin    (    and    R.P.C    Rodgers
       (,  Lister  Hill  National  Center for Biomedical Communications, U.S.
       National Library of Medicine.

                                         23 October 2002                                 UFOND(1)