Provided by: fonty-rg_0.7-1_all bug


       utf8 - quickly change console font and console mode into UTF-8 encoding


       utf8 [filename]


       This manual page documents the utf8 command.

       utf8  is  a  simple shell script that selects UTF-8 console font and switches console into
       UTF-8 mode.

       If no filename is given, 512  character  font  LatCyrGr-16.psf  font  is  used,  otherwise
       filename is assumed to be a font name to be used.

       If filename is 2, special 256 character font chavo.psf is used.


       This  manual page was written by Radovan GarabĂ­k <garabik @>, for
       the fonty-rg package.


       This manpage is in UTF-8 encoding. This is intentional.

                                            2002-08-30                                    UTF8(1)