Provided by: chiark-utils-bin_5.0.2_amd64 bug


       xduplic-copier - type into multiple X windows at once




       xduplic-copier lets you type into multiple X windows at once.

       It has a very basic user interface for selecting which windows to type into.


       xduplic-copier ignores its command-line arguments.


       xduplic-copier puts up a small window with some text in it.  It has two modes:

       Idle: "i 0" (red); Typing "T count" (green)
              If  you  type  keystrokes  into  xduplic-copier, they will be replicated to all the
              selected windows (if there are any).  (You can also type into the selected  windows
              individually  in  the  normal  way.)  count is the number of selected windows.  The
              starting mode is Idle; you should left-click to start selecting.

       Selecting: "S count" (white)
              In this mode xduplic-copier has grabbed the mouse  pointer  and  you  can  indicate
              which windows you are going to want to type into.


       Left-click in xduplic-copier
              Switch between typing and selecting modes.

       Right-click in xduplic-copier

       Left-click in another window while selecting
              Select this window.  (Beeps if already selected.)

       Right-click in another window while selecting
              Deselect this window.  (Beeps if not selected.)

       Right-click in root window (ie, desktop background) while selecting
              Deselect all windows.

       Q key while selecting


       xduplic-copier  does  its  work  by  generating synthetic events for the selected windows,
       using XSendEvent.  Unfortunately the xterm authors think that  allowing  XSendEvent  is  a
       security  problem;  they are wrong: any untrusted person can already take over your xterms
       anyway.  But the xterm authors have  configured  xterm  to  discard  synthetic  events  by

       You  can  solve this at runtime by bringing up the ctrl-leftbutton menu in each xterm, and
       ticking the option "Allow SendEvents".  Or you can set the allowSendEvents in your xterm X

       Neither  of  these  significantly reduce your security.  Indeed, xterm itself allows these
       properties  to  be  set  via  the  X  toolkit  system's  remote  widget  property  setting
       arrangements  -  so it would be possible for xduplic-copier to set this property itself on
       any xterms it encountered.  Unfortunately doing so would be a lot of tedious programming.


       If one of the windows you have selected is closed, and you try typing, xduplic-copier will
       crash due to an unhandled X11 error.  If you notice that you have got into this state, you
       cannot retain your set of selected windows because there is no way to click  on  the  now-
       destroyed  window  to  deselect  it.   You can keep xduplic-copier from crashing by right-
       clicking on the background in selecting mode, and then reselecting all your windows, which
       may be marginally more convenient than restarting it.

       The UI is perhaps excessively sparse.


       Ian  Jackson <> wrote xduplic-copier some time in 2002, and
       updated it in 2013. The manpage is from 2013.

       xduplic-copier is govered by the GNU GPL, v3 or later.