Provided by: libaudio-dev_1.9.4-6_amd64 bug


       AuMakeElementBundle - initialize a Bundle element


       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       AuMakeElementBundle(element, num_inputs, inputs)
           AuElement *element; /* RETURN */
           unsigned short num_inputs;
           AuInputTrack *inputs;


       element   Returns the initialized element.

                 Specifies the number of input tracks to be bundled.

       inputs    Specifies  the  list  of  input  tracks  to bundle.  Entries in this list can be
                 initialized with AuMakeInputTrack.


       AuMakeElementBundle sets the type member of element to AuElementTypeBundle and initializes
       the bundle member of element with the remaining arguments.

       AuMakeElementBundle is implemented as a macro.

See Also

       AuMakeElementAddConstant,       AuMakeElementExportBucket,      AuMakeElementExportClient,
       AuMakeElementExportDevice,     AuMakeElementExportMonitor,      AuMakeElementImportBucket,
       AuMakeElementImportClient,     AuMakeElementImportDevice,     AuMakeElementImportWaveForm,
       AuMakeElementMultiplyConstant, AuMakeElementSum.

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