Provided by: libaudio-dev_1.9.4-6_amd64 bug


       AuNextEvent - return the next event


       #include <audio/audiolib.h>

       void AuNextEvent(server, dequeue, event)
           AuServer *server;
           AuBool dequeue;
           AuEvent *event; /* RETURN */


       server    Specifies the connection to the audio server.

       dequeue   Specifies if the event should be removed from the queue.

       event     Returns the event.


       AuNextEvent copies the next availible event into event.  If dequeue is AuTrue the event is
       removed from the queue.  If the event queue is empty, AuNextEvent flushes the output queue
       and blocks until one arrives.

See Also

       AuEventsQueued, AuScanEvents, AuScanForTypedEvent.

       audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface