Provided by: autodia_2.14-1_all bug


       Autodia::Handler::Mason - Allows Autodia to parse HTML::Mason files


       See Autodia and HTML::Mason.  Use -p to specify the comp_root and -i fetch one or more
       components, f.e.  ./autodia -l Mason -p 'examples/mason' -i 'index.html login.html' If you
       need to allow globals, f.e. $c and $l, add -G '$c $l' to the command line


       Autodia::Handler using introspection provided by HTML::Mason to visualize all components
       used by a request.


    _initialise creates the HTML::Mason::Interp instance used for introspection.
    _parse_file walks through the request and initiates the recursion.
    _process_component adds a component to the diagram. This is done recursively for the parent
       and each called component.
    helper method to convert the declared_args of components to attributes
    helper method to convert the declared_args of methods and subcomponents to Params


       Peter Franke, 2011,


       This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.