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       BIO_s_null - null data sink


        #include <openssl/bio.h>

        const BIO_METHOD *     BIO_s_null(void);


       BIO_s_null() returns the null sink BIO method. Data written to the null sink is discarded,
       reads return EOF.


       A null sink BIO behaves in a similar manner to the Unix /dev/null device.

       A null bio can be placed on the end of a chain to discard any data passed through it.

       A null sink is useful if, for example, an application wishes to digest some data by
       writing through a digest bio but not send the digested data anywhere.  Since a BIO chain
       must normally include a source/sink BIO this can be achieved by adding a null sink BIO to
       the end of the chain


       BIO_s_null() returns the null sink BIO method.


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