Provided by: carton_1.0.28-1_all bug


       Carton::Doc::Install - Install the dependencies


         carton install [--deployment] [--cached] [--path=PATH] [--without develop]


       Install the dependencies for your application. This command has two modes and the behavior
       is slightly different.

       carton install
           If you run "carton install" without any arguments and if cpanfile exists, carton will
           scan dependencies from cpanfile and install the modules.

       If you run "carton install" for the first time (i.e. cpanfile.snapshot does not exist),
       carton will fetch all the modules specified, resolve dependencies and install all required
       modules from CPAN.

       If cpanfile.snapshot file does exist, carton will still try to install modules specified
       or updated in cpanfile, but uses cpanfile.snapshot for the dependency resolution, and then
       cascades to CPAN.

       carton will analyze all the dependencies and their version information, and it is saved
       into cpanfile.snapshot file. It is important to add cpanfile.snapshot file into a version
       controlled repository and commit the changes as you update your dependencies.

       If you specify the "--deployment" command line option or the cpanfile.snapshot exists,
       carton will only use the dependencies specified in the cpanfile.snapshot instead of
       resolving dependencies.


           Force the deployment mode. See "DEPLOYMENT MODE" above.

           Locate distribution tarballs in "vendor/cache" rather than fetching them from CPAN
           mirrors. This requires you to run "carton bundle" prior to the deployment and commit
           or sync the content of "vendor" directory to the other host you run "carton install"

           Specify the alternate path for cpanfile. By default, "carton install" will look for
           the file "cpanfile" in the current directory, then upwards till the root directory, in
           case the command runs from a sub directory.

           Carton assumes the directory where your cpanfile (or altenate path) exists as a
           project root directory, and will look for the snapshot file as well as install
           directory ("local") and "vendor/cache" relative to it.

           Specify the path to install modules to. Defaults to local in the directory relative to
           where "cpanfile" is.

           NOTE: this option, as of version 1.0, is not preserved across multiple runs of "carton
           install" or other commands such as "carton list" or "carton exec". You can choose to
           set the path in "PERL_CARTON_PATH" environment variable to persist it across commands.

           By default, "carton install" will install all the phases for dependencies, including
           "develop". You can specify phases or features to exclude, in the comma separated list.

             carton install --deployment --without develop

           NOTE: "--without" for the initial installation (without cpanfile.snapshot) is not
           supported at this moment.