Provided by: carton_1.0.28-1_all bug


       Carton::Doc::Update - Update the dependencies


         carton update [module]


       Update the dependencies version for your application.

       Carton is designed to update your dependency in a conservative way, meaning that it
       doesn't update modules that aren't explicitly required to.

       "carton update" is a command to explicitly update one or all of modules in your cpanfile
       to the latest available that satisfies the requirements in cpanfile.


       Suppose you have a cpanfile with:

           requires 'DBI', '1.600';
           requires 'Plack', '== 1.0011';

       and then run "carton install" to get DBI 1.610 (the latest at that time) and Plack 1.0011
       (as specified in the requirement).

       A few weeks later, DBI and Plack have been updated a couple of times. Running "carton
       install" won't update the versions, because the installed versions satisfy the
       requirements in "cpanfile".

       Running "carton update" will update DBI to the latest version, say 1.611, because the
       version still satisfies the requirement. However, it won't update Plack's version, since
       whatever latest version on CPAN will not satisfy the Plack's requirement "== 1.0011"
       because it wants an exact version.