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       CosNotifyChannelAdmin_EventChannelFactory    -    This    module    implements   the   OMG
       CosNotifyChannelAdmin::EventChannelFactory interface.


       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:


       create_channel(ChannelFactory, InitialQoS, InitialAdmin) -> Return


                 ChannelFactory = #objref
                 InitialQoS = CosNotification::QoSProperties
                 InitialAdmin = CosNotification::AdminProperties
                 Return = {EventChannel, ChannelID}
                 EventChannel = #objref
                 ChannelID = long()

              This operation creates a new event channel. Along with the channel reference an  id
              is  returned  which  can  be  used  when invoking other operations exported by this
              module. The Quality of Service argument  supplied  will  be  inherited  by  objects
              created  by  the  channel.  For  more information about QoS settings see the User's

              If no QoS- and/or Admin-properties are supplied  (i.e.  empty  list),  the  default
              settings will be used. For more information, see the User's Guide.

       get_all_channels(ChannelFactory) -> ChannelIDSeq


                 ChannelFactory = #objref
                 ChannelIDSeq = [long()]

              This   operation   returns   a  id  sequence  of  all  channel's  created  by  this

       get_event_channel(ChannelFactory, ChannelID) -> Return


                 ChannelFactory = #objref
                 ChannelID = long()
                 Retrurn           =           EventChannel            |            {'EXCEPTION',
                 EventChannel = #objref

              This operation returns the EventChannel associated with the given id. If no channel
              is associated with the  id,  i.e.,  never  existed  or  have  been  terminated,  an
              exception is raised.

Ericsson AB                           cosNotificatCosNotifyChannelAdmin_EventChannelFactory(3erl)