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       CosTransactions_RecoveryCoordinator     -     This     module     implements    the    OMG
       CosTransactions::RecoveryCoordinator interface.


       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:


       replay_completion(RecoveryCoordinator, Timeout, Resource) -> Return


                 RecoveryCoordinator = #objref
                 Timeout = integer(), milliseconds | 'infinity'
                 Resource = #objref
                 Return = Status | {'EXCEPTION', E}
                 E = #'CosTransactions_NotPrepared'{}
                 Status = atom()

              The    RecoveryCoordinator    object    is    returned     by     the     operation
              CosTransactions_Coordinator:register_resource/3.  The  replay_completion/2 may only
              be used  by  the  registered  Resource  and  returns  the  current  status  of  the
              transaction. The operation is used when recovering after a failure.

              Possible Status replies:

                * 'StatusCommitted'

                * 'StatusCommitting'

                * 'StatusMarkedRollback'

                * 'StatusRollingBack'

                * 'StatusRolledBack'

                * 'StatusActive'

                * 'StatusPrepared'

                * 'StatusUnknown'

                * 'StatusNoTransaction'

                * 'StatusPreparing'

              replay_completion/3  is  blocking  and  may  cause  dead-lock if a child calls this
              function at the same time as its parent invokes an operation on  the  child.  Dead-
              lock will not occur if the timeout has any value except 'infinity'.

              If  the  call  is  external incoming (intra-ORB) the timeout will not be activated.
              Hence, similar action must be taken if the Resource resides on another vendors ORB.

Ericsson AB                           cosTransactions 1.CosTransactions_RecoveryCoordinator(3erl)