Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-1.1build1_amd64 bug


       GENLIB_LOINSE - add a logical instance to the current figure, with explicit connections


       #include <genlib.h>
       void GENLIB_LOINSE(model, instance, couple1, couple2, ..., couplen, EOL);
       char ∗model, ∗instance;
       char ∗couple1, ∗couple2, ..., ∗couplen;


       model               Name of the model to be logically instanciated

       instance            Name to be given to the new instance

       couple1, couple2, ..., couplen
                           Explicit list of connections between connectors and signals.


       LOINSE  add  a  logical  instance  in  the actual working figure.  LOINSE uses environment
       variables to choose the file format and the path to the file.
       MBK_IN_LO set up the input file format, the valid ones beeing :
       MBK_WORK_LIB set up the output file path. Any valid unix  path  is  ok.   LOINSE  look  in
       memory  and  then, if not found, on disk for the figure modelname. This is due to the need
       to ensure consistency between the model and its ascociated instances.
       The instance is added with the name instance, and each of the signals are connected to  an
       instance  connector.   The connector signal link is explicit, and described in the couples
       arguments.  The couples arguments are supposed to have the form:
       conector => signal
       conector[a:b] => signal[n:m]
       where a - b equals, in absolute value, n - m.


       "GENLIB_LOINSE impossible : missing GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG"
              No figure has been yet specified by a call to DEF_LOFIG. So it  isn't  possible  to
              add anything. you must call DEF_LOFIG before any other netlist call.
       "GENLIB_LOINSE : Bad signal bus name"
              A signal, described under a bus form, has an illegal syntax.
       "Illegal addloins. Instance insname already exist in figure figname"
              An instance name must be unique in a given figure at a given hierachy level.
       "Illegal addloins. Instance model is the figure figname itself"
              A  figure  cannot  be  included  in  itself.  Be careful, the check is only made at
              current hierarchy level.
       "Illegal addloins. Connector number discrepancy  between  figure  modelname  and  instance
       insname in figure figname"
              The  number  of  connector  in  the  model  is  not  equal to the number of signals
              describing the connectivity during the LOINSE call.


       #include <genlib.h>
            /∗ Create a figure to work on  ∗/
            /∗ define interface  ∗/
            GENLIB_LOCON("i", INPUT, "sig1");
            GENLIB_LOCON("o", OUTPUT, "sig2");
            /∗ Place an instance ∗/
            GENLIB_LOINSE("model","instance", "con1 => sig1", "con2 => sig2", 0L);
            GENLIB_LOINSE("stuff","shirt", "i[31:0] => out[32:63]", "j[2] => sig2", 0L);
            /∗ Save all that on disk ∗/


       genlib(1),   GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG(3),    GENLIB_LOINS(3),    MBK_IN_LO(1),    MBK_CATA_LIB(1),