Provided by: aolserver4-dev_4.5.1-18.1_amd64 bug


       Ns_AbsoluteUrl, Ns_ParseUrl, Ns_RelativeUrl, Ns_SkipUrl - URL manipulation routines


       #include "ns.h"

       Ns_AbsoluteUrl(Ns_DString *pds, char *url, char *baseurl)

       Ns_ParseUrl(char *url, char **pprotocol, char **phost,
                   char **pport, char **ppath, char **ptail)

       char *
       Ns_RelativeUrl(char *url, char *location)

       char *
       Ns_SkipUrl(Ns_Request *request, int n)


       Ns_AbsoluteUrl(pds, url, baseurl)

              Construct  an  URL based on baseurl but with as many parts of the incomplete url as
              possible. Return NS_OK or NS_ERROR.

       Ns_ParseUrl(url, pprotocol, phost, pport, ppath, ptail)

              Parse a URL into its component parts. Pointers to the protocol, host,  port,  path,
              and  "tail" (last path element) will be set by reference in the passed-in pointers.
              The passed-in url will be modified.

       Ns_RelativeUrl(url, location)

              If the url passed in is for this server, then  the  initial  part  of  the  URL  is
              stripped   off.   e.g.,   on   a   server  whose  location  is,
              Ns_RelativeUrl of  ""  will  return  "/hello".   Returns  a
              pointer  to  the  beginning  of  the  relative url in the passed-in url, or NULL if
              error. Will set errno on error.

       Ns_SkipUrl(request, n)

              Return a pointer n elements into the request's url.


       nsd(1), info(n)