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       Tk_HandleEvent - invoke event handlers for window system events


       #include <tk.h>



       XEvent *eventPtr (in)          Pointer  to  X event to dispatch to relevant handler(s). It
                                      is important that all unused fields of the structure be set
                                      to zero.


       Tk_HandleEvent  is a lower-level procedure that deals with window events.  It is called by
       Tcl_ServiceEvent (and indirectly by Tcl_DoOneEvent), and in a few other cases  within  Tk.
       It   makes   callbacks   to   any   window   event   handlers   (created   by   calls   to
       Tk_CreateEventHandler) that match eventPtr and then returns.  In  some  cases  it  may  be
       useful  for  an  application to bypass the Tk event queue and call Tk_HandleEvent directly
       instead of calling Tcl_QueueEvent followed by Tcl_ServiceEvent.

       This procedure may be  invoked  recursively.   For  example,  it  is  possible  to  invoke
       Tk_HandleEvent  recursively  from  a  handler  called  by  Tk_HandleEvent.   This  sort of
       operation is useful in some modal situations, such as when a notifier has been  popped  up
       and  an  application  wishes to wait for the user to click a button in the notifier before
       doing anything else.


       callback, event, handler, window