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       XkbCopyKeyType - Copy one XkbKeyTypeRec structures


       Status XkbCopyKeyType (XkbKeyTypePtr from, XkbKeyTypePtr into);


       - from pointer to XkbKeyTypeRec to be copied

       - into pointer to XkbKeyTypeRec to be changed


       XkbCopyKeyType  copies  the  key type specified by from to the key type specified by into.
       Both must point to legal XkbKeyTypeRec structures. Xkb assumes  from  and  into  point  to
       different  places.  As a result, overlaps can be fatal.  XkbCopyKeyType frees any existing
       map, preserve, and level_names in into prior to copying. If any  allocation  errors  occur
       while  copying  from  to  into, XkbCopyKeyType returns BadAlloc. Otherwise, XkbCopyKeyType
       copies from to into and returns Success.


       Key types are used to determine the shift level of a key given the current  state  of  the
       keyboard.  The  set of all possible key types for the Xkb keyboard description are held in
       the types field of the client map, whose total size is stored  in  size_types,  and  whose
       total  number  of  valid  entries is stored in num_types.  Key types are defined using the
       following structure:

       typedef struct {                   /∗ Key Type */
           XkbModsRec        mods;        /∗ modifiers used to compute shift level */
           unsigned char     num_levels;  /∗ total # shift levels, do not modify directly */
           unsigned char     map_count;   /∗ # entries in map, preserve (if non-NULL) */
           XkbKTMapEntryPtr  map;         /∗ vector of modifiers for each shift level */
           XkbModsPtr        preserve;    /∗ mods to preserve for corresponding map entry */
           Atom              name;        /∗ name of key type */
           Atom *            level_names; /∗ array of names of each shift level */
       } XkbKeyTypeRec, *XkbKeyTypePtr;


       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage