Provided by: alliance_5.1.1-1.1build1_amd64 bug


       addphref - create a physical reference


       #include "mph.h"
       phref_list ∗addphref(ptfig, type, name, x, y)
       phfig_list ∗ptfig;
       char ∗type;
       char ∗name;
       long x, y;


       ptfig               Pointer to the figure in which the reference should be added

       type                Reference type

       name                Reference name

       x, y                Coordinates of the center of the reference.


       addphref  creates a new reference whose center is at the given coordinates, and adds it to
       the list of references pointed to by ptfig->PHREF. The new reference is added in front  of
       the list, and becomes itself the list head.
       The  parameters  type,  name,  x  and  y fill respectivly the FIGNAME, NAME, XREF and YREF
       fields of the phref structure.
       The types may have any value, but only two type are now recognized by tools based upon mbk

       "ref_con"           for multi-access connectors

       "ref_ref"           for cell programming

       For details on the structure, see phref(3).


       addphref returns a pointer to the newly created reference.


       #include "mph.h"
       phref_list ∗ref_dup(pfd, pfs) /∗ duplicate refs ∗/
       phfig_list ∗pfd, ∗pfs;
       phref_list ∗pr;
          for (pr = pfs->phref; pr != NULL; pr = pr->NEXT)
             addphref(pfd, pr->FIGNAME, pr->NAME, pr->XREF, pr->YREF);
          return pfd->PHREF;


       mbk(1), phfig(3), phref(3), getphref(3), delphref(3).