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       al_fopen - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              ALLEGRO_FILE *al_fopen(const char *path, const char *mode)


       Creates  and  opens  a  file  (real or virtual) given the path and mode.  The current file
       interface is used to open the file.


       · path - path to the file to open

       · mode - access mode to open the file in ("r", "w", etc.)

       Depending on the stream type and the mode string, files may be opened in "text" mode.  The
       handling   of  newlines  is  particularly  important.   For  example,  using  the  default
       stdio-based streams on DOS and Windows platforms, where the native end-of-line terminators
       are  CR+LF  sequences,  a  call  to al_fgetc(3alleg5) may return just one character ('\n')
       where there were two bytes (CR+LF) in the file.  When writing out '\n', two bytes would be
       written instead.  (As an aside, '\n' is not defined to be equal to LF either.)

       Newline  translations can be useful for text files but is disastrous for binary files.  To
       avoid this behaviour you need to open file streams in binary mode by using a mode argument
       containing a "b", e.g.  "rb", "wb".

       Returns a file handle on success, or NULL on error.


       al_set_new_file_interface(3alleg5), al_fclose(3alleg5).