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       al_fungetc - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              int al_fungetc(ALLEGRO_FILE *f, int c)


       Ungets  a  single  byte  from a file.  Pushed-back bytes are not written to the file, only
       made available for subsequent reads, in reverse order.

       The number of pushbacks depends on the backend.  The standard I/O backend only  guarantees
       a single pushback; this depends on the libc implementation.

       For  backends that follow the standard behavior, the pushback buffer will be cleared after
       any seeking or writing; also calls to al_fseek(3alleg5) and al_ftell(3alleg5) are relative
       to  the  number  of  pushbacks.  If a pushback causes the position to become negative, the
       behavior of al_fseek(3alleg5) and al_ftell(3alleg5) are undefined.


       al_fgetc(3alleg5), al_get_errno(3alleg5)