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       al_run_main - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              int al_run_main(int argc, char **argv, int (*user_main)(int, char **))


       This  function  is  useful in cases where you don't have a main() function but want to run
       Allegro (mostly useful in a wrapper library).  Under Windows and Linux this is no  problem
       because  you simply can call al_install_system(3alleg5).  But some other system (like OSX)
       don't allow calling al_install_system(3alleg5) in the main thread.  al_run_main will  know
       what to do in that case.

       The  passed  argc  and  argv will simply be passed on to user_main and the return value of
       user_main will be returned.