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       al_set_current_opengl_context - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro_opengl.h>

              void al_set_current_opengl_context(ALLEGRO_DISPLAY *display)


       Make  the OpenGL context associated with the given display current for the calling thread.
       If there is a current target bitmap which belongs  to  a  different  OpenGL  context,  the
       target bitmap will be changed to NULL.

       Normally  you  do  not need to use this function, as the context will be made current when
       you call al_set_target_bitmap(3alleg5) or  al_set_target_backbuffer(3alleg5).   You  might
       need    it    if   you   created   an   OpenGL   "forward   compatible"   context.    Then
       al_get_backbuffer(3alleg5) only returns NULL, so  it  would  not  work  to  pass  that  to