Provided by: common-lisp-controller_7.10+nmu1_all bug


       common-lisp-controller - Common Lisp system management tool


       The  common-lisp-controller  system  will manage the installed Common Lisp implementations
       and libraries on the system. The main function  is  to  enable  every  user  to  load  any
       available  library  and  to store the compiled files in a user and implementation specific
       cache directory.

       On upgrades of either implementations or libraries these directories will  be  cleared  so
       that no old fasl files will remain.

       There   are   also   options   to   add   libraries   by   default   to  new  images,  see
       /usr/share/doc/common-lisp-controller/README.Debian , or to add user specific libraries to
       the management system, see clc-register-user-package.


       To load a clc library :foo on a clc enabled implementation simply do

       (clc:clc-require :foo)


       /var/cache/common-lisp/  <uid> / <implementation-name> / <library> the cache directory for
       a library fir a given user with associated uid and a certain implementation.

       /usr/share/common-lisp/systems/ the location of the libraries.


       Bug reports should be sent to the Debian BTS, preferably with reportbug.


       Peter Van Eynde ( 2001-2006

       Kevin M. Rosenberg ( 2001-2004

       René van Bevern 2005-2006

       Desmond O. Chang ( 2010


       clc-register-user-package(1),     clc-unregister-user-package(1)     register-common-lisp-
       implementation(8)          register-common-lisp-source(8)          unregister-common-lisp-
       implementation|source(8) unregister-common-lisp-source(8)