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       d_menu_proc  -  Dialog  procedure implementing a menu bar object. Allegro game programming


       #include <allegro.h>

       int d_menu_proc(int msg, DIALOG *d, int c);


       This object is a menu bar which will drop down child menus when it is  clicked  or  if  an
       alt+key  corresponding to one of the shortcuts in the menu is pressed. It ignores a lot of
       the fields in the dialog structure, in particular the color is taken from the  gui_*_color
       variables,  and the width and height are calculated automatically (the w and h fields from
       the DIALOG are only used as a minimum size.) The dp field  points  to  an  array  of  menu
       structures:  see do_menu() for more information. The top level menu will be displayed as a
       horizontal bar, but when child menus drop down from it they will be in the normal vertical
       format  used  by  do_menu().  When a menu item is selected, the return value from the menu
       callback function is passed back to the dialog manager, so your  callbacks  should  return
       D_O_K, D_REDRAW, or D_CLOSE.


       active_menu(3alleg4), gui_menu_draw_menu(3alleg4), exgui(3alleg4)