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       doc_decisions_bool_mdDefinition of bool

       Inconsistent use of bool in various parts of Elektra.

       · needs to be string

       · convenience plugins can convert anything to 0 or 1

       · type checker plugins can reject everything not 0 or 1

   Considered Alternatives
       · strictly only allow 0 and 1 (would move validation across the code)

       · only check presence or absence (no cascading override of already present key possible)

       · use as in CMake (would move convenience across the code)

       Use, depending on what your default should be:

       · 0 is false, everything else is true (default is true)

       · 1 is true, everything else is false (default is false)


       if ( strcmp(keyString(k), "0")) {/*true*/} else {/*false*/}
       if (!strcmp(keyString(k), "1")) {/*true*/} else {/*false*/}

       In the documentation it should mention that a bool is used and which is the default.

       The type checker plugin should allow

       · non-presence (default)

       · the string '0'

       · the string '1'

       The convenience plugin should transform (it might be combined with a plugin that
       transforms everything lower-case):



       · most easy to implement

       · allows presence to be true

       · plugins allow us to convert to any other behaviour

       · change code with different behavior

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