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       get_executable_name  -  Obtains  the  full  path  to  the current executable. Allegro game
       programming library.


       #include <allegro.h>

       void get_executable_name(char *buf, int size);


       Fills `buf' with the full path to the current executable, writing at  most  `size'  bytes.
       This  generally  comes  from `argv[0]' but on Unix systems it tries to get the information
       from the `/proc' filesystem first, searching  the  directories  specified  in  `$PATH'  if
       necessary.  If this fails too, it tries to find the executable name from the output of the
       `ps' command, using `argv[0]' only as a last resort if all other options fail. Example:

          char name[200];
          get_executable_name(name, sizeof(name));
          allegro_message("Running `%s'\n", name);